Jenko breaks the codes

If you too find that riding clothing brands are often classic, rigid, expensive and mono-discipline, we come to your rescue!

Who is hiding behind Jenko?

Manon and Natasha

Friends and passionate about horses since always, we come from different equestrian worlds, polo and classic riding. Between us, we have 3 and a half horses (and it's not because the latter is a pony that we say that!).

We have always worked in the marketing and digital startups sector and today we wanted to embark on a project that resembles us and delights us.

Big up to Isabelle and Sandrine, who, with their 50 years of experience between them in the textile sector, accompanied us in making the clothes.

We discuss ?
Jenko Stay Wild

Riding clothes inspired by the southern French sun

Our wish, get out of the rigid codes of horse riding and bring a breath of fresh air to your equestrian wardrobe. While respecting our planet and your wallet.

Jenko is inspired by our passion for horses and our experience as riders forever. We added a grain of sunshine and the taste of freedom galloping through the fields of southern France and the Argentine Pampas.

Designed in France in an eco-responsible way, Jenko is initially aimed at women and soon at children and men!

Our collection

We offer you embroidered T-shirts in organic cotton. Illustrated with subtle embroidery, they look just as good in the stable as anywhere else. They are comfortable, qualitative, ecological and bring a nod to our equestrian passion.

Your mount is strapped, are you ready for what's next?

Currently in pre-order and available on our site from September 2023, we offer you the riding leggings of your dreams: hot, comfortable, technical and ecological. We can't wait to introduce it to you!

Our squad of riders from various disciplines is testing it to make sure it will be perfect.

Legging d'équitation Jenko

What are the design stages?

✏️ Project definition

🤸 Survey of free and passionate riders like you

🤓 Feasibility study

🕵️‍♀️ Sourcing materials and factories

🧵 Patronage, prototyping etc.

👩‍🔬 Testing

👌 Adjustments (several test phases and necessary adjustments)

🦄 Stardust and unicorn fart

🚀 Production

💝 Your dream just a click away!

Go shopping!

Responsible Fashion

We are committed to designing clothes at affordable prices while respecting our planet.

Our products are designed as close as possible to us (design in Portugal, fabrics in Italy, grips in France, etc.) in ecological materials (organic or recycled).

We produce small quantities, in a factory on a human scale.

The quality of our products is a major asset, not only for your satisfaction but also for the environment. Because a product that lasts over time, does not need to be changed... and that is where we are most eco-responsible!

Our wrappings and packaging are totally ecological.

Shall we drink coffee at the club house?

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Jenko Horse

Ok but… in real life, who is Jenko?

He's the nicest horse in the world, quiet strength incarnate. He hides his game well because under his air of a sweet patachon, he is a former racehorse and an excellent polo horse. He broke his leg last year and could not be operated on. He was therefore immobilized in a box for several months with a cast. Everyone took good care of him, it was hard to see him in this state, but in the end he recovered (which was really not a foregone conclusion). Today, he is doing what he does best: taking care of young riders, stress-free…! Our brand pays homage to this horse that fought well, and ultimately, to all horses.

PS: when our brand grows, we want to donate part of our profits to charities for the welfare of horses.